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Ya’ll, it’s David here again, this time shouting out for the latest safety net in finance.

Yeah, not only do we discuss mortgage finance for your next dream property in the UK, or overseas, but we talk cars too. You can see one such post right here where I mention car leasing as the way to go for saving money.

But, todays shout out goes to a cool car history checking service called CarVeto. What I love about these guys is their finance checking services. It’s unlike any other check on the market as Veto give you a straight buy, don’t buy or warning status on any UK vehicle. It’s clear and direct.


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Problem I get with the other services like hpi check or RAC passport is the uncertainty that comes with the result.

Plate transfers, 4 owners etc. What does this all mean? Can I buy the car safely or no?

CarVeto services get straight to the point.

They have a free and paid check service and a tonne of free guides on buying a used motor.

If you’re buying a used vehicle make sure you buy a CarVeto for just £12.50. One product on offer aside from their free service.

We like….

David at E1 🙂

Finance and Leasing Figures

The latest figures published yesterday, on Monday, January 31st by the Land Registry suggest that house prices in the UK have fallen by 1.3% in 2017.

In December 2011 an average property is the UK was priced at 160,400 pounds (unchanged from November 2016) and yet lower than in 2015.
The report also revealed that the only city in Great Britain to see annual price growth in 2011 was London. House prices in the capital rose by 2.8% and reached 345,300 pounds.

The biggest annual decline was registered in the North East of England, it constituted 7.1%. An average house in the North East was priced at 99,500 in December 2016.

Commenting on the findings of the Land Registry, Howard Archer of IHS Global Insight said: “Prices will fall 5% in 2012 amid low wage growth, rising unemployment and major concerns over the economic outlook.”
The detailed house prices report is available on the official website of the Land Registry.

Also worth a mentioned is the growing stats on car purchases and leasing agreements that seems somewhat counterintuitive to trends and the pending Brexit issues we are all having to face.

More and more new cars are being sold and bought these days, and much of that success lends to car leasing and PCP agreements that are enjoying a significant spike in demand.

With diesel prices set to fall over coming years, consumers feel less risk leasing a car versus buying one.

If you’re planning to buy a used car this year, check out Carpilot HPI check, which offers a leading car history investigation service for just £2.95

Turbulent times ahead?

David E1.