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We are investors and lenders that operate a loan and funding company that strives to provide enabling financial environment for investors, entrepreneurs and businessmen.
We provides financing to Small-cap, large companies, start up, corporate bodies & publicly traded companies. Our mission is to add value by providing not only financial resources and industry knowledge, we maintain successful long term relationships with our portfolio companies. Our expertise lies only partly in creating flexible financial structures.
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How to Not Get a Buy to Let Mortgage

How not to look for a BTL Mortgage Buy to let mortgages, they’re so complicated, how do you know where to start? Before you even do anything, you need to get your head round the spelling- you might come across the internet, some spell it buy to let mortgages or buy to let mortgages, buy let mortgage before realising yes its buy to let mortgages you want, then why, do I come across articles describing buy to let mortgage, buy to let mortgage and buy let mortgage.

home loans and mortgages image

Mortgage advice I suppose, don’t come cheap, so instead of using a mortgage broker you might want to compare best mortgages and check buy to let uk best mortgage deals and offers available. So where do you go? I believe mortgage brokers know what they are doing and where to look, but what do you do about your buy let mortgage? Do you check out the best buy to let uk mortgage rates online?


Do you search for 100 mortgage quotes and hope that out of 100 mortgage quotes, there will be one buy let mortgage you are looking for?

Do you need buy to let mortgage advice and find mortgage brokers in on the job?

But then again, what if they only do buy to let remortgage packages?

And surely a buy to let mortgage calculator would be simpler?

But would a buy to let remortgage broker be able to find the current best buy to let mortgage in the uk?

Because aren’t buy to let mortgages different to a buy to let remortgages?

Maybe it would be simpler to get your neighbour to help you find a buy let mortgage or remortgage quotes, after all, you did babysit their kids last night. But they’re probably more likely to tell you where to go, after politely explaining that with modern technology, you can use a buy to let mortgage calculator and do it yourself. Or maybe you should ring that kind young fellow who came knocking to your door, saying that he was a mortgage broker and knew the best buy to let fixed rate mortgage and best buy to let mortgage rates, he definitely looked reliable. But with him, you could risk being conned and lied to, which would never happen if you used a buy to let mortgage calculator. But didn’t Sally say that buy to let fixed rate mortgages would be the best buy to let mortgage to have? Phone is ringing. No, buy to let mortgage rate first, life second. Wish Paul would leave me alone, although he would be able to give me some mortgage advice, he got a buy to let commercial mortgage recently, did he not?

May be he was just remortgaging? Oh all this is doing my head in- all these adverts saying best buy to let mortgages here, best buy to let mortgages there, it’s like you can’t escape the best buy to let mortgages. Soon buy to let mortgages will be engraved in my eyes, as will all those buy to let mortgage rates. What do you do if a company’s buy to let mortgage rates are high, but they have a cool advert, which promise best mortgages? Another fixed rate mortgage offer, another cheap buy to let mortgage deal comparison of 100 mortgages. 100 mortgages to compare?!!! I think I’m starting to like the square eyes look, not sure about the automatic typing of buy to let UK thing my hands are doing though, getting quite scary. Ooh, buy to let mortgage on a repayment sounds jazzy. But I still haven’t decided between tracker mortgages and fixed rate mortgages, I don’t know what the best mortgage is for me.

Buy to let fixed is self-explanatory, but tracker mortgages are not as easy to absorb, what do they track? All mortgage providers publish best mortgage and remortgage deals and there are plenty buy to let mortgage best rate comparisons, but how do I know what I need? Didn’t Sally recommend to check self-cert mortgages or was that the offset buy to let mortgage, I am sure she was talking about remortgages? I thought offset mortgages were only available for residential properties…I need to find the best mortgage….best mortgage….buy let mortgage, buy let mortgage, buy let mortgage….

Wake up to find I’m late for work and that the computer was on throughout the night. Well, there goes the electricity bill…I better call to a mortgage broker for a mortgage advice. I am already dreading remortgaging….