New CMS Service

From now on, UK conveyancing solicitors will find it easier to follow the policies of lenders as the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) in cooperation with Convey centric and Landmark Information Group, has launched the LENDER monitor Policy Search.

The option is available at the official website of the Council of Mortgage Lenders and helps conveyancers save time and effort when reviewing lenders’ requirements.

Let us remind that CML Lender’s Handbook consists of 2 parts, the first of which is common guidance from all lenders, and the second of which is specific requirements for conveyancers.

It is the second part that is oftentimes updated and might result in problems in conveyancers, who miss the changes.

Commenting on the launch of the new search, experts claim that it “it provides a simple and reliable way to access the latest amendments to the CML Handbook, saving solicitors a great deal of time, as well as reducing their potential exposure to risk should they not be aware of the latest amendments.”